• Virtual Winter Run

    Virtual Winter Run

Virtual Race

Invite your friends around the state or even country! Run anywhere, anytime - it’s virtual racing!

Virtual Run Series is $25/race to register or the whole series is $150. Runners will receive the medal and shirt for each respective race. Price includes shipping of medal(s) and shirt(s).

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Virtual Race

How To

  1. Sign up for the virtual run and choose which distance you would like to complete.
  2. Receive your event gear in the mail. It will be shipped to the address you sign up with.
  3. Choose your own route in your neighborhood, favorite park, or whatever safe location you choose and run/walk/jog the distance to complete the virtual run!
  4. Submit your time, distance, and race completed HERE if you would like us to add you to the virtual online results! *Results will not be posted*

Your virtual run race packet will be mailed to the address you sign up with during registration. Shirts and medals will be shipped out 2 weeks after each race has completed. Each race’s swag items (shirt + medal) will be shipped separately – i.e. series participants will not receive all items at one time. Series participants will receive the “chime” piece of the medal in their first package. Virtual racers do not qualify to win overall or age group awards. If you choose to e-mail us your time and distance complete, it will be updated on the results page once the actual race is completed. Results of the races will not be posted. There will be no refunds if you change your registration to Virtual races.

How To